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“Trains Around the World” – now on line to watch

In a brief window between lockdowns, we were delighted to welcome Chris Jackson, the Editor in Chief of the Railway Gazette Group to Keen House to present “Trains Around the World” – The travels of an international railway journalist.  We recorded the talk, and you can view it here: Please subscribe to the channel when …read more.

Nov 28, 2020

Bedding In – York Road (and York paving) – Part 8

We’re now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the upper works of the YR tube station. The ‘plaza’ has now been paved using printed paving paper – in this picture update.    

Nov 28, 2020

1950’s overhead 25kv line project nears the end

Ingatestone received its overhead line equipment in the 1950’s which is mostly still in situ today.  Our OO layout has reached a milestone after the completion and installation of our brass replicas, scratch built by Tony Rees. Board One was moved out of  Keen House to Tony’s home so he could continue the work during …read more.

Nov 22, 2020

York Road – Detailing the interior (Pt 7)

York Road tube station is now nearing completion of the internal details.  This has certainly made it a far bigger job than originally intended! The use of modern technologies continues, with 3D printed sanitary ware – specially designed in Australia (by a 2mm SA member) printed in Croydon by Justin and fitted in St Albans. …read more.

Nov 21, 2020

York Road – from 3D to building (Part 6)

Richard Wilson and I spent a productive day trying out the alignment of the York Road plan against the relevant baseboard and station building. This has been almost completely re-made internally towards the back to ensure that the lift shafts and lobbies are in exactly the correct position to line up with the plan at …read more.

Nov 15, 2020

York Road – 3D design for a “basement” (Pt 5)

That clever Mr Wilson has been playing with a virtual model of the York Road tube station as it relates to Copenhagen Fields.  The olive green back board being CF- don’t worry the tube boards will not be painted Lincoln green! The rusty coloured tubes are not Mid-West grain silos, but are the lift and …read more.

Nov 7, 2020

York Road – digging down (Pt 4)

If you’re new to this thread, please use the tags below to find the previous instalments of this project. Quite a bit of detailing, such as the staff room and more accurate rendition of the lift lobbies have been added to the rear sections of the York Road tube station. The scenic end of the …read more.

Oct 31, 2020

York Road – Comparing the model against the mock up and the original

This update starts off with some great images from the LT Museum archive, provided to us by Doug Rose. This next sequence shows the original mock and the model nearing completion from various angles   And this is a view the public will get. Dried up algae-containing puddles have been added to the roof. A …read more.

Oct 24, 2020

York Road – the story continues (pt 2)

Following on from the initial post, here are a series of progress updates: The York Road tube frontages are now complete and awaiting detailed painting. The addition of a coat of primer really brings out the various details and motifs, especially the 3D printed dentil courses and window surrounds from Richard. It’s interesting how a …read more.

Oct 18, 2020

St Ives – In OO gauge

MRC member Paul Frabricius’s layout “St Ives” features in the November 2020 British Railway Modelling magazine – here’s a bit more about the inspiration, and a link to a video of it OO Gauge. Approx 10ft x 3ft.  Fiddle Yard 8ft x 1.5ft BR Mid 1950-60s As a child I spent summer holidays on the …read more.

Oct 18, 2020

Pacific Coast 111 – narrow gauge N

With the encouragement of Tim Watson, I would like to share a just-completed N-scale-narrow-gauge project (1:160 scale on 6.5mm gauge track) from my workbench here in Hawaii. It is a far cry from the scratch-built locomotive mechanisms Tim and other 2FS modelers routinely create from billets of brass, but one must work with one’s skills …read more.

Oct 17, 2020

Ingatestone resumes modelling at Keen House

Both Ingatestone 00 and Putnam HO have resumed modelling at Keen House from the end of August. Many members have been involved in making Keen House COVID safe and we now have reopening of the club on Thursdays for members from early Aug. There are many members to thank for their efforts here. We had …read more.

Sep 14, 2020

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