Ingatestone Update – level crossing and backscenes


Tom Slade


20th April 2020

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Although we can’t work on the layout at Keen House, luckily we managed to get some projects home before the lockdown, and making progress. I’ve been filling in more of the back drop today and I feel that its coming together. We have to think of this as some thing seen from afar and although I can’t be sure it’s right so far from the layout, I’m going to persist.

Tony R sent me two picks of the level crossing barriers  – some thing seen close-up on the layout so they need to be much closer. Based on the actual crossing barriers as seen on our site visits they also need to work, and work really reliably as they’ll be in constant use as we operate the layout with the intensive train service.

Meanwhile, in between modelling Kev and I did a spot of online trainspotting day on the web cam at York south.


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