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We've just got a new trainset in the house, and would like to learn more

Trains sets are a great start to the hobby, and we are keen to encourage people to get more adventurous and turn the train set into a model layout. We welcome vistors to our Thursday evening meetings where we have members at all levels of the hobby who are happy to talk. And we normally have one of our layouts operating (check out the calendar) where you can see how we've done it. 

There are model railway exhibitions around the UK almost every weekend of the year and these are great places to learn more. One of the biggest and best is at Alexandra Palace every March, with 40 layouts plus modelling demonstrations to inspire and around 100 traders selling a huge range of products.

I would like to model a branch line near Ilfracombe, but I can't find many photographs for the period I'm interested in. Do you have any in your library?

Almost certainly there will be many photographs of the station, buildings locos and stock for the period you are interested in. Unfortunately we cannot do the research for you. You will need to visit the library to browse through our collection. The first three visits are free. After that, you will need to join our club.

My father has recently passed away and has left a wonderful model railway layout and some railway books. How can I sell them?

You will probably find most value from selling the individual components - the locos and stock, perhaps the buildings and also the books. Listing them on ebay will realise their true value - but this is a time consuming job - not only the listing and identification, but also the packing and posting - most will need to be sent recorded delivery. As a guide to value:- an average condition loco will realise £40, carriages £10 and wagons £3.

For a low hassle solution, we recommend that you buy a copy of a railway model magazine and consult the small ads at the back. There are many people who want to buy models in bulk. They may also be interested in the books.

However, if you would like to donate your locos and books to the Model Railway Club we can certainly ensure that they find a good home.

I'm in London and would like to visit the Model Railway Club to see your layouts. When would be a good time?

Our club nights are every Thursday evening from 7pm, when visitors are welcome. Sometimes we have guest Speakers (see the What's On page of this website). Our exhibition layouts are not normally erected in working order as they are often being worked on in sections. However, members often run their trains around the test tracks that we have in the club room. Visitors are more than welcome to come and have a chat, a drink and watch the trains!