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MRC at London Model Engineering Show

We are back at Alexandra Palace with a stand at the LMEE on 20-22nd January 2017. Our theme this year is "Electric Power", which includes a section of our new OO gauge model of Ingatestone which has 25kV overhead electricifcation. As usual our team of members will be demonstrating the creation of model locomotives, structures, track and layout elements in various scales - tramway modelling will also be represented. Below is a taster of some of the models on display.

We look forward to seeing you there on stand P, and again at the London Festival of Railway Modelling on 25/6 March.


FRANCE SNCF Class BB Electric Loco No 22274 IMG 5944

7mm scale '0' gauge based on resin body kit by the late Bob Lovell exhibited by his daughter Helen

The basis of this model was a postal damaged resin kit from JMG of Tours. Repaired with 'araldite' the body was mounted on a substantial floor, with scratch-built bogies each being powered from a central Faulhauber type 1624 motor with a double reduction gear train (taken from telephone dial gearing) providing a total ratio of 25:1. Axles are fully sprung running in ball race bearings.

The electrical gear is modified in accordance with the dual-voltage capability of the prototype, 3KV and 25KV. Head & tail LEDs are provided.

This model is finished in the grey/orange livery of the late 70's to the 90's when experimental liveries were being tried by SNCF. The model is a very impressive performer, and was completed about 20 years ago.


SWITZERLAND BLS 73274 BLS Re465 Bo-Bo loco

H0 scale 16.5mm gauge commercial by Roco

Although using the same voltage and frequency as some other railways, notably Germany and Austria, the Swiss standard uses a higher overhead line tension and uses a narrower off-set. Therefore, the pantograph heads are shorter and cannot be used outside Switzerland. The BLS railway in Switzerland has 18 of these 7000kW Bo-Bo's. They are fitted for use only in Switzerland, operating on 15kV AC, 16.7 cycles. Some have been hired out to "RailCare" for use on dedicated trains for the Swiss Co-oP. Each of these locomotives has been painted in a special livery and this one, 465.017, is in white and pink and carries the name "Pink Panther".

GERMANY 44134 DB ET89 1A-A1 railcar

H0 scale 16.5mm gauge commercial by Brawa

The standard German electrification system is 15kV AC, 16.7 cycles, although others have been used in the past. The ET89 class of electric railcar was introduced in 1933 for use in Silesia, although three ended up in Munich after WWII, being withdrawn in 1961. In Silesia, they were nick-named "Rübezahl", the spirit of the Sudetan mountains. The West German examples were painted in the standard red livery used post-war.

ITALY HR2244 FS E431.033 1-D-1 loco

H0 scale 16.5mm gauge commercial by Rivarossi

The first widespread electrification in Italy was at 10,000v, 3-phase AC. The largest system was in the north-west of the country, with an isolated line between Rome and Sulmona. Earlier locomotive classes used bow collectors, as on this, a class E431, dating from 1922 and lasting until almost the end of the 3-phase system in 1976. E431.033 is finished in the earlier black livery. Later, they carried the standard so-called "Isabella" brown livery.


ITALY 1023 FS ALe840.059 railcar

H0 scale 16.5mm gauge commercial by ViTrains

The Italian replacement system for the 3-phase AC, with its complicated double contact wires, is 3,000v DC. To help with the changeover between systems, several dual-system 2-coach railcars were built. One coach worked on the old system, the other on the new. Whichever system was in use, the unpowered coach acted as a control trailer. The coaches could be split to act as individual railcars. This is the DC-powered coach, numbered ALe 840.059, with one end fitted with the corridor connection connecting to the other railcar.


GERMANY Frankfurt 'EBELWEI' Tram

H0 scale 16.5mm gauge limited edition commercial

Frankfurt trams operate on 600v DC. This is an older vehicle, dating from 1949, but still in use on a circular trip around the system. Together with several similar trams and trailers, it has been decorated in a special livery and runs as the
"Ebelwei Express". 'Ebelwei' is the colloquial name for the apple wine served on the trips.



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