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Ingatestone May 16 2Ingatestone 00 represents a welcome return to 00 scale modelling at The Model Railway Club. This new layout was conceived as a project just over a year ago and is now moving from concept to the physical reality of construction The layout will be 20ft x 10ft in its scenic run, and is a representation of the station and countryside around Ingatestone in Essex, on the former Great Eastern main line to Norwich. The time frame is contemporary, 2014/15, but we do welcome all 00 modellers to run trains on our tracks, as we will be wired for both DC and digital (DCC).


Ingatestone is on a 25kV, two track mainline, with both commuter traffic and Intercity expresses passing through, as well as many freight operators in action. This is a time of franchisee change, so rolling stock will be in many colours, and the season is autumnal (leaves on the line). Nevertheless, the area has a timeless appeal, with its signal box, level crossing and fine Grade II Listed buildings,ingatestone station set in a quintessential Essex landscape (complete with Porches and Range Rovers in the car park).Ingatestone May 16 1

Although the layout looks simple in its track plan (mainlines and one passing loop off), it does have many modelling challenges for both novice and experienced modellers. At this stage Ingatestone gives an opportunity for members to get involved at the beginning of a project, to learn new skills, etc.. There is track to build, also overhead line equipment, and lots of trees to make. And then a whole lot of rolling stock.

The 00 group is a small friendly circle of diverse modellers, both in age and skills, that have come together at the club. They meet to workm on the layout most Mondays, Thursdays and some Sundays. Please contact us through the website  if you'd like to find out more about the layout, or join the team.

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