3 Red Panniers Project – Blog 2: It’s ‘EM’ Easy


Patrick Blake


23rd January 2016

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Progress on L96 continues as I make preparations for detailing on the tank body.
Meanwhile, I have started work on the second Pannier ‘L90’ which will be converted to EM (18.2 mm) gauge.
For this, I have bought a Gibson conversion package which includes the following:
OO/EM Wheel set + Axles
Coupling Rod Bushes
Brass washers for 1/8″ axles.
This was the first attempt at converting a model from OO to EM. While the instructions seemed straight forward, there were some obstacles to overcome with the process such as; Soldering, application of crankpins, application of washers and quartering.


This is the Bachmann chassis which is suitable for EM Gauge conversion. The center axle is sprung which provides enough compensation on curved and sloped track.



The photograph on the right shows the axle arrangement.
I placed one of the Gibson axles in the rear slot and marked
the position for the drive gear, this is essential for preparing
the axle so that the drive gear can be fitted in place.

Top left image shows balance weights for the wheels, cut out of plasticard with a compass cutter. Top right image shows final result. Various quick drying super-glues are good for the job.


With a 0.7mm drill, I carefully drilled pilot holes through the wheels for the crankpin screws. I also tight fitted the brass coupling rod bushes which are ready to be soldered. This is required to reduce the size of the coupling rod holes for the smaller crankpin bushes.

I do not cover all stages of the process in this blog but if I choose to convert my second Bachmann Pannier ‘L94’, I will consider making a ‘How to’ guide on converting a 57xx Pannier with Gibson wheels with useful tips that I picked up throughout the process.

Alan Gibson is one of many suppliers to choose from for EM/P4 Wheel sets. Among various options, you have have Ultrascale and Markits. They all vary between availability, quality and price.

Subscribe to see how L90 will turn out once finished.

Patrick Blake


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