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29th April 2020

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Well it’s not exactly modelling but more a bit of fun for my son and me.

A few years back I started on this little project and it didn’t get past the baseboard stage. As we can’t go out and the weather been great I thought why not get on with it. The original remit was it is to cost nothing and only use things I already have lying around. So the base is a load of reclaimed decking planks and the end of a roll of shed felt for the ballast. Track is reclaimed Peco 100 that was salvaged from an old layout from my grandad as is the old H&M (do have an upgrade for that lined up).


It’s been a while and found that due to weather and my sons love of football the boards had moved a bit so had to try and rejig things to get a reliable surface to continue on. That said it’s running well and now I have to construct an overbridge to complete the central fig 8 and to enclose the two ends in a tunnel.


It’s a bit of fun and has taken my son away from his PlayStation (not a bad thing). Plus has been a worthwhile exercise to make me sort through the OO stuff I have from childhood plus inherited to help fund the 2mm foray.


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