A new test track – Home working for Orchard Wharf


John Jesson


25th April 2020

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Converting a lot of OO locos and rolling stock to EM gauge is the sort of job that is best done at home. I’ve had an EM gauge test track for some time, but it’s only a 5ft straight track. This is no good for checking, for example, clearances on curves and points, of which Orchard Wharf has plenty.

Hence the new test track – 3 tracks wide, connected by 3 crossovers of different radii. All the track is built using code 75 rail soldered direct to copper-clad sleepers. Both flat-bottomed and bullhead rail has been used. The points are operated by sliding electrical switches that also switch the frog polarity, and there are 9 track sections, independently switched.

All the track is laid, but needs final fettling, although pushing wagons through the pointwork has been successful. In progress now is the electrical work.

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