Ballasting on Ingatestone


Christopher Ibbotson


18th September 2016

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I still get a bit of a buzz when the postman has a parcel for me and yesterday I took delivery of two laser cut kits from Lazor Works. With  some adaption these should make a fair model of the signal box at Ingatestone. Mo has been busy at home working more traditionally on the model  of the gate keepers cottage – Looking good Mo!


Meanwhile back at Keen House we did a master class in ballasting with Chris, watched avidly by Kev who was soon stuck in with the PVA spray bottle. Note the handy little ballast hopper/dropper – very useful for getting clean lines.


Thursday September 22nd will see us running some trains over boards 5 and 6 – including the re built Mk3 catering vehicles correct for London to Norwich Intercity’s that Chris has been working on. If you are into 00 (or simply want to get involved in building a large layout) come along on Thursday, meet the  team and see the progress on Ingatestone. 

Tom Slade

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  1. Tom Cunnington says:

    In wonder if they make the ballast spreader in EM gauge – looks like a good time-saver.

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