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Timothy Watson


28th November 2016

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So we’re back from Warley. Setting up was restricted to four hours because of a delay getting into the hall – we need five, to include getting stock on.  Needless to say, our running on Saturday morning was a bit of a trial.  However the big success was seeing the major works at the south end giving the layout a big improvement in its overall ambience.












After a few bits of new track were further fettled, the layout settled down to running OK by Saturday afternoon.  

The new J39 didn’t put a foot wrong but unfortunately the new chassis for Papyrus will need a bit of a tweak around the front bogie, which wasn’t really possible under show conditions. The chassis was up and running after 16hrs, however.









I find it very relaxing to sit at the front and shunt Mrs W’s yard whilst talking to the public – on Sunday the whole ensemble was purring along (this is why I like three day shows). We’ve got some videos we’ll post shortly.









Indeed, the comments from viewers were really wonderful.  Perhaps the most touching was from someone who was seriously disabled in his wheel chair, who said to his helper, “This is the only layout I am going to stand up for”. 
We were packed and loaded in 2.5 hours and back to London by 11pm.  

Our next outing will be to the CMRA show in Stevenage.


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  1. Paul Sharpe says:

    Very impressive Tim.

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