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Tom Slade


21st December 2019

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As we now come to the end of another year it’s time for an up date on our Ingatestone blog . This year has to some extent been dominated by remedial works which has lead to some improvements above and below the surface of the layout. There has been a programme of reorganising our power supply and other wires into a more logical and tidier form – Rob , James And Phil can be seen untangling here.

We have also remodelled the main landscape boards – you may recall the strings from the summer blog, well now 90% of the boards have been in filled and resculpted to form the cutting and village green. We have also in filled the outriders and inserts – this gives a whole new size and shape to the scenic side as seen in the pics – all at the moment looking a little bit like mid winter snow in their naked condition. Plaster and colour then ground cover will follow next year.

We have now fitted the first of our foldaway information panels – there are to be three in total that infill the gaps that step back at the front of the layout with the last two made we will have finished the construction of the skeleton of the layout. Although this is not an end to wood work we will be making light weight cases/boxes [haha- Ed] for these add-ons which will store on top of our small storage foot print in the lower hall.

With the back scene boards now also fitted it means that when up we next see Ingatestone 00 erected in its final shape we’ll see how much work there is to do with landscape and more buildings lights and sounds to fit in the coming year. Work will press on with our normal Monday working days from Jan 2020.


Over the year we have welcomed new members Steve and Alister who have contributed to the work and a thank you to Rob and Tim and Peter for their advice help and support .

I hope our next blog will be more focused on rolling stock and the progress made their

Merry Christmas to All


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