Ingatestone: June Update


Gus Paul


9th July 2017

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A slightly delayed update this month as we handed over blogging responsibilities to a new member of the OO group – me!


A lot of progress has been made on Ingatestone in the last few weeks.  This is greatly helped by the fact that all 6 scenic boards are now up full time in the lower hall.  We expect to working on them all through the summer so do come down and see progress for yourself.


One of the goals of Ingatestone was to have as long as possible stretch of mainline to allow us to run some prototypical length trains.  As you can see from these pictures, the length looks quite impressive now we have the full set of boards up running.




The other thing to note from those pictures is the track is now fully ballasted thanks to the efforts of Chris and the team.  A sometimes time consuming job made easier with the use of our hand Proses Ballast spreader:



b2ap3_thumbnail_BallastInstall.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_BallastSpreader.jpg



Michael has started work on a pair of scratch built brass level crossing arms as the various kits around did not feel close enough to the look of the ones at Ingatestone.  In the picture you can see the holes that have been drilled for where the drop skirt will go.





The scenic team of Tom and Mo continue to make progress with the platforms – Mo in action with tools that he built himself!




Mo’s fantastic scratch built crossing keepers cottage also made its first appearance on the layout.




The team has calculated the amount of brass required to make the rest of the OHLE gantries and marked out their positions on the boards.  If you see a white sticker coming loose, stick it back down!


By the end of July we hope to have the crossover points to the loop fully wired and the signals all cabled up along the boards using CAT 5 computer network cable as a the bus. 


There is a lot to do so do come along on a Monday or a Thursday evening to see us!

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