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Ingatestone resumes modelling at Keen House


Tom Slade


14th September 2020

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Both Ingatestone 00 and Putnam HO have resumed modelling at Keen House from the end of August. Many members have been involved in making Keen House COVID safe and we now have reopening of the club on Thursdays for members from early Aug. There are many members to thank for their efforts here.

We had our first working day on Monday 26th August and a second on Monday 7th September. We are a small group who are doing limited hours from 10:00 to 15:00 and working in a COVID safe way hence the masks. The lower hall has a limit of six people. There is also time set a side for sanitizing at the end of working sessions.

So what has been achieved on Ingatestone? Well the first visit was really a catch up on were we had got to all those months ago and a look at haw the layout had fared in storage and we can say it has fared well. Timber was brought in, as our priority is to make the storage case for the in-fills and out riders. These will be of a light weight construction, as one of my rules is having a box to store things in before we add to much detail to each board. This will also allow us to have better storage ready should there be a second lock down.

During the second session we began construction of the crates. I also had the opportunity to look at the back drop for Board 1 in situ. I have been working on this at home and it had reached a stage were it was necessary to see how it looked. On the whole I was quite pleased, although the garage doors need to be toned down. There will be more on the back drop in coming articles on the subject of “working at home”. We also did some more work on the wiring on Board 6 which means there will soon be multi board testing of trains to check the new wiring works between boards.

Ingatestone 00 is still looking for involvement from members new and old to the club to bring the layout forward. It was good to be back even in this limited way.



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