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It’s a wrap !


Chris Ibbotson


15th March 2016

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In preparation for Ally Pally this coming weekend, the Ingatestone crew have been busy getting ready the boards that we are taking to display. On Sunday, the packing crates for the corner boards were finished, with an extra day of work by Tom, Bob and myself getting the foam core for the scenery being cut. What is on display will be a work in progress to show visitors how we are building the scenery, to allow them to ask questions, learn and hopefully come and visit us at our open day in May. To act as a “place marker” for the PECO

metal catenary that will be installed when it is finally released, we have added some temporary Dapol plastic masts. Watch for me making up some gantry style Mk1 Overhead structures from brass section this weekend and inspect Bob’s hard work on the two landmark bridges.

Finally, to protect the boards from the vagaries of the Great British weather this weekend, Tom & I have shrouded the boards in “Pallet wrap” that should at least keep them dry. See the above picture for the full effect..!


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