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London Underground at Keen House


Patrick Blake


12th November 2015

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Mind The Gap! in our railway modelling range.

What was once a very Niche part of Railway Modelling is now gradually becoming ever more popular.



Recently this year (2015), two major suppliers of Ready-To-Run Models produced two new fantastic London Underground Trains featured on the Metropolitan Line.
Bachmann’s London Underground S Stock and Heljan’s Metropolitan Bo-Bo Electric Locomotive Range have now opened up what was once a very specialist market in the Railway Modelling industry.

London Underground has certainly moved on from the days of Etched Brass, White Metal and Resin kits. For many novice modelers, this was proven to be very challenging and time consuming method for making models. On the other hand, it would be argued that new skills were developed by practicing with these type of mediums.


Metromodels, Radley Models and other suppliers offer a wide range of kits for making London Underground Rolling Stock. Keep up to date with their latest range by browsing their online shop.
We can only hope that the gap in this market continues to fill with an exciting range of new models covering the iconic ‘Deep Level’ Tube Railways.

Underneath and Inside

We have some of the oldest parts of London Underground running several feet below Keen House and outside our doorstep, though not much can be said for inside Keen House…..for now.

The Model Railway Club’s flagship layout, Copenhagen Fields, is the only example of a MRC layout which encompasses London Underground. It accurately depicts Caledonian Road Tube Station on the Piccadilly Line just a few years post Standardisation of the Deep-Level Lines. Though as the MRC, surely we can do more. As a London Underground modeller, I like to think we can! 

So if you model London Underground and are not a member of The Model Railway Club, then please come along to our Club Evenings on Thursdays from 7pm.
We have a wide range of books in the London Transport / London Underground Range in our upstairs Library and a few MRC members who model London Transport too.

Patrick Blake

Thursday Track Nights

We are open on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9pm at our Keen House clubrooms. Visitors are welcome, please come along and introduce yourself.


Keen House, 4 Calshot Street, London, N1 9DA

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