Putnam Yard Update March 2019


Paul Brotherwood


17th March 2019

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Recent work from the Putnam Group

  1. Main effort has been on preparing for Ally Pally by getting the existing layout ready; including ironing out some remaining track and wiring issues, redoing some damaged scenery along the front, some fettling of the backscene and numerous other little jobs.
  2. The work on the remaining hitherto unsceniced curved board has made good progress recently, with the landform mostly in place and some impressive rock cuttings are being carved into it. It seems that Putnam’s location at the show will mainly hide this corner; this is a shame as we were anticipating being able to let the public see the progress we have made so far and the methods we are using.
  3. The computerised track control panel is up and running thanks to Robert Stewart and Sean McCabe. It is using an all-in-one PC and a separate touch screen, and the JMRI software. Control of the trains continue to be by hand-held controllers – automation in the style of Lacey Dale is not a target.

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