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When you want water on your layout…


Gareth Thomas


15th October 2015

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Water runs down hill. So, front and centre should be the wettest part of the layout because it it the lowest. I always find myself drawn to water on layouts so I thought I’d add something. The first problem is that there is no space for a sizable water feature. Adding to this, most of the basic landscaping had already been done, the hills are in place along with brambles and a tree so really all that can be done is the hint of water beyond the layout. The edge of a pond or marsh, even a small stream, just out of sight.

Started off simply enough.

Bit of plasticard, 60 thou I think. A4 sheet, cut about an inch off the short end. The sheet didn’t need much trimming to shape as the carpet underlay grass has a fair amount of give. The plasticard was evostuck to the layout, careful to be level and flush with the top of the facia. Then painted grey and sprinkled with N gauge ballast.

Posted Image

Once that had dried I spread a bead of PVA around the edge and everyone joined in adding reeds made from excess bits of underlay.

Posted Image

That’s the state of things as the moment. On Thursday I will have an opportunity to add a few different varieties of reeds. I also have some finer material to add in with the ballast. Once that’s done I’ll use a bit of gloss varnish to make it look wet.

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