York Road – Underground modelling 35 years on


Timothy Watson


25th July 2020

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I recently retrieved the cardboard placeholder model of York Road tube station from Keen House, prior to going on holiday in Cornwall.

This has enabled me to make a good start on the definitive building. Unbelievably it is approximately 35 years since I made the original Caledonian Road station. I always like to use a substantial core for my buildings, in this case producing something like a modern concrete building structure.

In comparison with its completely hand made predecessor, the new tube station is using the latest in technologies for its construction. This includes 3D printed window and dental course mouldings courtesy of Richard Wilson. Added to which are equally superb etched windows and fittings, courtesy of Jim Watt.

The front walls are cut straightforwardly from styrene sheet, but there will still be quite a few subtle layers and motifs to add.

The interior will be tricky to model, as the righthand end is severely truncated in depth. It could actually be modelled with the shutters down – in closed condition (1932 onwards) – but that would be a bit of a shame.

More to come shortly…


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