York Road – Permanent Way takes shape


Richard Wilson


30th December 2020

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As Young Timothy has been valiantly polishing lumps of coal dust for his latest green painted shunter,  I have made a start on the crossover formation for the tunnels to the North of York Road station.

The running rails for one of the turnouts are now in place, and I will start putting chair plates down for the other one later, whilst watching ‘Operation Crossbow’. {Good film until, as usual, Hollywood sacrificed historical accuracy for “action”. Interestingly, my father had gone for a walk along the coast with my Aunt Pat shortly after my mother had died, ( would have been spring ‘64) and stumbled across the film crew at Holkham beach which was being used for the V1 test scenes ( doubling for Peenemunde)}. 


Both ends of the crossover are laid, running rails anyway, the junction road next.

I need to do a bit of research before I put the conductor rails in. These will, unprototyically, not be higher than the running rails, to ensure clearance for the mechanisms. But before I do that I shall build the servo setting box for the servo controllers on Great Shefford. Happy New year everyone.


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