Lynton and Barnstable – an embryonic “OO8” project


Timothy Watson


22nd May 2020

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I have always had a soft spot for the Lynton & Barnstable railway: a narrow gauge railway but with standard gauge style. Over the last couple of years we have holidayed a few times in North Devon, visited the area and, of course, the preserved railway itself. A grand little line, that is becoming a great success with outstandingly pretty countryside around it. Many of you will know that the line closed in the mid 1930s but had a significant investment by the Southern Railway in the ‘20s, before closure. There is a massive amount of information available on the line.

Anyway, following this North Devon inspiration, I have acquired some 4mm scale L&B bits and pieces. I have started a diorama of Lynton, usually working in the camper van when we are away – and with a very slow rate of progress; at this stage it is just the engine shed area to see if I like it (on the left in this image).

An Australian company, Outback Models, has made some very reasonable printed and laser cut card kits of the buildings at Lynton and that is the basis for this model. Printed paper kits can be significantly improved by extra embossing, as shown by the stonework and corrugated iron roof.

The engine shed track has been made to correct gauge, 8mm – OO9 looks rather crude when representing a 2’ line – and the area has been blocked in with grey paint.

Quite a different style of modelling to Copenhagen Fields, but over the next few days it will be quite fun to start adding the details and learn some new scenic techniques for rocks and moorland. Quite a good distraction for the time being, from not being able to work on Copenhagen Fields. I’m now considering how to adress the Heljan engine mechanisms and how to improve the Joy valve gear

10th May

Not much rain around, but I’ve been making puddles

12th May



13th May

Stuff rusts in the West Country.

17th May

It’s a scorching hot day at Lynton, but the engine shed is a few degrees cooler in the shade.

Come the evening, the new electric light installed by the Southern Railway, gives a bit of help to see repairs.

I’d like as many fivers as the number of times my hand has been caught in the Tommy bar on the blacksmiths vice, when I was a kid.

18th May

Lynton engine shed is now complete, apart from  point rodding, electricity insulators and a high level water pipe at the Lynton end, but that is awaiting a print of the plan and then making the surrounding scenery (basically the area behind the building in this photo).



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